South of the Equator

A glass of Malbec wine from Argentina

A glass of Malbec wine from Argentina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     I really like a good Malbec and that is why I was pleased with La Posta Malbec Paulucci Mendoza 2008.  First I noticed the opaque purple color, then the firm structure that balanced the lush core of succulent fruits like blueberry, fig, raspberry and black cherry.  The finish was spice tinged with a feel of slightly dry tannins.  Another thing that I really liked was that this wine spent 12 months aging in 20% new french oak barrels.  Final facts IWC/89,  WS/88,  WA/88,  $16.99 with PA L.C.B. product code 16970.


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Wine lover from Western Pennsylvania that wants to tell everyone how far the winemakers here have come and what they are doing now. Contact me at
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5 Responses to South of the Equator

  1. I too was very impressed with my very first Malbec, also from Argentina. I will make a note to be on the lookout for this Malbec you reviewed. It sounds great. Have a great day! 🙂

  2. My wife’s obsessed with Malbecs, and so has drawn me in…thanks for sharing!

    • I agree with your wife that a good Malbec is hard to beat, especially when it is paired with the smokey flavor of grilled beef this time of year. Cheers and Thanks for your feedback.

      • It has something powerful and unruly about it, and at the same time can be incredibly pleasing. It is characteristics I like not only in wine…:)

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