Free Wine App for iPhone and iPad

WineRating+ app on iPhone Photo Courtesy Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator’s new WineRating+  app is free, powerful and delivers convenient expert advice.  Designed for both the connoisseur and the casual wine drinker it provides over 270,000 wine reviews, collectible wine prices, and wine pairings but that is just the beginning of what this app can do.  It has an easy and effective wine rating search with filtering options that allow you to narrow your results so you can make the perfect choice.  Available now on the iPhone App Store, WineRating+ is a free download but it also offers premium content with a subscription of $2.99 per month.  There is  plenty of content in the free version, that is why I recommend using it first before you subscribe.


About wpawinepirate

Wine lover from Western Pennsylvania that wants to tell everyone how far the winemakers here have come and what they are doing now. Contact me at
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2 Responses to Free Wine App for iPhone and iPad

  1. vinibuoni says:

    You always surprise me with interesting articles! I’ve added your blog now to my blogroll 🙂

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