Day 5 The Napa Valley Wine Train

Dining Car  Photo Courtesy : The Napa Valley Wine Train

Dining Car Photo Courtesy : The Napa Valley Wine Train

     Today we will be boarding  The Napa Valley Wine Train for a 3 hour trip that will depart for Napa carrying us on a journey through Napa, Yountville, Oakville, Rutherford and St Helena while passing by some of the world’s most famous wineries along the way.  Before we leave the hotel we gather in the lobby for our group photo that will serve as a lasting memory of our time together.  The Napa Valley Wine Train is made up of meticulously refurbished Pullman cars from 1915-1917 and a vintage diesel locomotive that travel on tracks originally constructed in 1864.  We board the train and are seated in the lounge car where we are led through a tasting of two white wines and two red wines by the trains wine steward  A small plate of cheese, fruits, vegetables, and a huge prawn is served for pairing with this flight of wines.  After the tasting we sit back and relax as vineyard after vineyard pass our window until we are called to the dining car for lunch.  The walk through the turn of the century railroad cars traveling over mid-1800’s track proved to be very interesting and amusing to say the least.  The meals are freshly prepared onboard in the kitchen car adjacent to the dining area.  Everything is prepared using environmentally responsible ingredients; humanly raised, hormone-free meats and fresh line-caught fish, which is no surprise considering the commitment to excellence that  Executive Chef Kelly Mac Donald and his staff strive to achieve everyday.  Our meal and service were of the highest quality from start to finish with no aspect of our dining pleasure overlooked.  With the rest of the day left free we chose to explore Sonoma Square with it’s small shops and local charm.  After seeing all that Downtown Sonoma has to offer we walk the 1 mile back to the hotel taking in the wine country’s unique sights and sounds every step of the way.


Wine Tasting on The Napa Valley Wine Train

Wine Tasting on The Napa Valley Wine Train

City Hall  Sonoma California

City Hall Sonoma California



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6 Responses to Day 5 The Napa Valley Wine Train

  1. I’ve always thought about what the train was like–thanks for the info!

  2. winingdaily says:

    rode that train in the late 90’s and had dinner at Markham. Loved it, I am ready to go on another ride!

  3. Thank you for your article, you made remember my time on this train. The food and the wine made for an enjoyable afternoon and a chance to look at the valley. My Bride and I must make another trip out there, just because it was so much fun, as well as educational. I am glad that you had fun and thank you for sharing your memories.

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