Paper Boy Winery & Paper Wine Bottles

Photo Courtsey: Paper Boy Winery

Photo Courtsey: Paper Boy Winery

     I read an interesting article in Wine Spectator about an alternative to iconic wine bottle.  Truett-Hurst of Healdsburg, California in partnership with Greenbottle, a United Kingdom-based company, has developed and introduced a bottle made from recycled cardboard.  The “Bottle” has a screw top and a plastic liner.  The packaging can be recycled by breaking the shell open and separating the individual components.  The paper bottle provides better insulation than glass and can withstand the cold water of an ice bucket for about one hour.  The paper bottle is 85% lighter than glass which equates to lower shipping costs that in turn reduces the carbon footprint of the entire operation. I have included a link to a Wine Spectator video about the Paper Boy Winery and their innovative paper wine bottle.


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2 Responses to Paper Boy Winery & Paper Wine Bottles

  1. Sally says:

    These are beautiful – banishes all notions of tetra-paks.

  2. Merci for this interesting information and also for visiting my blog – bon weekend!

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