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All Materials Courtesy of Morrell & Company Fine Wine Auction
All Materials Courtesy of Morrell & Company Fine Wine Auction

    Have you ever wanted to bid on a great bottle of wine offered at a wine auction but could not stand the thought of sitting in a room filled with wine snobs while holding a little paddle with a number on it.  If your answer is yes then you are in luck because Morrell & Company Fine Wine Auction is conducting an internet only auction on Wednesday February 27th at 10:30 a.m.(EST) on their website   Bids may only be placed by absentee bid and live bid.  Absentee bids may be placed now and the live bidding will be available online at the commencement of the auction.  To participate go to the website and register, peruse the catalog of offerings then place a bid if you find something you like.  If you intend to bid live, Morrell recommends using their Live Bidding Simulator to check your computers compatibility to prevent any issues when live bidding starts.  Need more information? Call 212-307-4200 

My City In Ruins

Long Island Sound, New Jersey Coast (NASA, Int...
Long Island Sound, New Jersey Coast (NASA, International Space Station Science, 11/10/06) (Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)

Bruce Springsteen said he wrote this song for his adopted home of Ashbury Park, NJ but it now seems prophetic after the events of the last two days and hauntingly the song has come full circle. Superstorm Sandy struck the East Coast with a fury well above the power and destructive force that is associated with a Category 1 hurricane. Here in Western Pennsylvania we were spared the full impact of Sandy but did experience high winds, heavy rains and snow in the higher elevations. I expect the damage to the East Coast vineyards to be minimal because the harvest was completed before the storms arrival. I will know more after I hear from some of the owners what damage they have sustained. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone suffering the aftermath of this terrible natural disaster and we hope that the can resume their normal lives as soon as possible.

Finger Lakes Distilling

     Finger Lakes Distilling sits on a hillside along the eastern shore of Seneca Lake so naturally that if not for its sign marking the entrance road you could easily miss it.  After climbing the few steps that lead to the rear of the building you enter the tasting room with its view of the lake and the distillery’s impressive still.  At the bar you can taste any of their 16 types of spirits and liqueurs.  While perusing the tasting room and gift shop I noticed a friendly looking hound lying on the floor, as I approached him all he did was move his eyes to see who it was and then he went back to sleep.  I would suggest that you stop at Finger Lakes Distilling even if it is only to take a look around.  Finger Lakes Distilling is located at 4676 NYS Rte 414 Burdett, NY. 

Jimmy Buffett Hunting

     We have just returned from another wonderful trip to the wine country of the Finger Lakes Region of New York.  The weather was summertime hot with temperatures in the low to mid 90’s.  The weather may have been unusual but the welcoming hospitality and the genuine “glad to see you” attitude of the area’s population was unchanged.  A boat captain told me that a cold wave in late spring had caused a 50% loss in  the grape crop and a loss of nearly all of the cherry harvest this year. 

     We had set out early on our planned route down the east side of Seneca Lake and it was going great when an unexpected sighting caused me to make a quick U-turn and head back up Rte 414.  The parking lot at Hazilitt 1852 Vineyards tasting room was full, which was strange because we had experienced a lighter than normal turn out at the other wineries.  We pulled into the lot and parked next to the Tiki sign that pointed the way to the Tiki tent.  As we walked to the front door I couldn’t help notice the large rusting propeller guarding the entrance.  The music of Radio Margaritaville poured out of the tasting room as we opened the door and the eclectic interior was revealed.  After finding our place at the bar we were greeted by Todd, an outgoing and personable young man who no doubt would feel at home in Key West as he does here in the Finger Lakes.  Todd takes us through our flight of wines with his knowledgable description of each along with his lighthearted wit and humor.  When I ask about the large tattoo on his right arm he proudly told me that it is a reproduction of an original painting he had done and that it will be incorporated into a full sleeve tattoo that he has planned out.  After purchasing a bottle of the winery’s signature “Red Cat” wine Todd told us that Hazilitt 1852 had acquired a winery in the nearby town of Naples because they needed its capacity to meet the over 500,000 gallon demand for that wine.  We bid everyone goodbye and continued south on Rte 414 looking forward to our next parrothead adventure.  Fins Up!  Hazilitt 1852 Vineyards can be found at 5712 Rte 414  Hector, New York.

The Big Grape

ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL     We were in New York City on Saturday walking through  Midtown Manhattan.  It was a beautiful spring late afternoon and we on our way to Central Park for a carriage ride then onto St. Patrick Cathedral for Saturday evening Mass when it happened.  Yes, right there in front of me was Morrell Wine Bar & Cafe and next to that was their wine store.  Talk about Divine intervention, how was I supposed to pass by without stopping in and at least making a purchase.  The bottles neatly lined the shelves like soldiers at attention.  I looked up and down the aisles totally conflicted as to which one would accompany me on my journey home.  My wife broke my confusion with a simply suggestion “Trust your gut and just pick one ,  you can’t make a mistake here” and she was right as usual.  I chose The Pinot Project 2010, a California product that the tasting notes described as ” Pure aromas and flavors of black cherries, kissed by oak and complimented by just the right amount of Asian spice”.  The food at the Wine Bar & Cafe looked delicious, very trendy and upscale.  Clients having lunch or dinner at the Wine Bar & Cafe receive 10% off their wine purchases at the Wine Store.  Morrell Wine Bar & Cafe is located directly on 49th St between 5th and 6th Ave at 1 Rockefeller Plaza.